Leadership through guidance

Botlhale Africa (Botlhale) is a IT Management and Education Service Provider with our Quint Partnership and Knowledge United we have a global advisory firm Focused on empowering CIOs and IT Leadership by providing guidance and services to optimize IT resources. We help clients drive measurable results by leveraging over 20 years of experience and thought leadership in multiple disciplines, best practices, frameworks and educational content.

We take a partnering approach to building relationships with our customers. Botlhale is a trusted advisor to some of today’s most in uential companies. We work across multiple industries to help our clients innovate and align their organisations in a dynamic IT landscape. We leverage our vast experience by guiding and in uencing clients through the most challenging IT issues. Botlhale helps them to develop and execute strategic action plans that bring tremendous value to the organisation.

Professional Management Services


Botlhale delivers innovative SAGE X3 ERP solutions to all organisations by way of certified consultants and developers.


We will step into your world to solve your complex IT business problems to ensure a sustainable future. Our consultants are experienced professionals that deliver customised solutions in the shortest possible time.

Managed Services

Focus on your core business and allow us to manage your IT infrastructure by outsourcing the non core functions to reduce cost and improve service delivery to your customers.

Cloud Computing

Botlhale will analyse your big data, business intelligence and cloud services requirements to match your organisation’s needs. We will ensure that your governance, security, business continuity and compliance are not compromised.

Strategic and Industry Partners

Over the years, Botlhale has strategically aligned with global partners to deliver innovative solutions to our clients. We have carefully selected vendors that supports our client base in order to provide opportunities to clients that support technology driven initiatives.